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Over the years, I have met with many candidates that are at a real crossroads in their careers.
When candidates are faced with the most difficult question, “what are you looking to do now?” the answer “anything” and “I’m really flexible” can be a good Recruiter’s nightmare.
So, how do you find out what you really want to do?

The answer is simple. I quite often refer to the same process as you would follow when buying a new house.
You need to write a “wish list” like you would when you go to view properties. Do you want semi-detached, detached, a bungalow? How many bedrooms and bathrooms etc? What about a Garden?

The same applies when job hunting! You spend a vast majority of your life at work so it’s important to find a position that genuinely can make you happy. By taking the time to write your own “Wish List” you determine which positions you will truly be happy in and therefore eliminate interviews that may not be in the right direction for you at this time. You wouldn’t go out to buy a new car without doing a bit of research now, would you?

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My Wish list

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Writing your Career wish list!

Write your Top 8 important factors to you such as ideal location, salary, hours, the type of environment? What skillset do you want to be using etc?

Once you have a list of your individual requirements, it is much easier to assess if a position matches your needs! If it is not scoring high enough against your list then truly assess whether it is worth considering an interview. This way your heart and head will be in alignment and you will have an genuine enthusiasm for the interviews you have chosen to attend.

Why not fill in the ready-made “Wish List” form and send it to us? You never know, we may just have your dream position on our books already!

When you are considering a new position, make sure it ticks those wishes you have listed. That way you only spend time preparing for an interview that you really want!

If you need any help with this then please feel free to give us a call on …01932 629550… and we will be happy to provide more one on one guidance.

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