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For The Employers

Job Seekers

Layka Recruitment are with you every step

We always strive to make a difference in your recruitment process and that’s what makes us unique. The main aim for us is to exceed your expectations of a Recruitment Partner every time. Our purpose is to make your process easy, providing you with a well matched and credible selection of candidates to choose from within a few days of receiving your brief. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to genuinely care about the candidate’s career aspirations and our client’s goal of attracting the right talent from day one! A high percentage of our clients are from referrals from other clients and candidates that have worked with us to find their next career move and are now a loyal and dedicated partner with Layka Recruitment.

We set the standard for other recruiters

Early on…..

We pride ourselves on our ability to establish the employers requirements exactly. We will work with you to ensure we have a good understanding of why your company is unique and wherever possible meet with you either virtually or at your premises to gain a better understanding of your company ethos and ideals.


Our recruitment consultants are experts in screening candidates before they present a well-matched shortlist. We take time to know the candidates’ own career goals to ensure they match the career path you can offer! We promise that you will only receive resumes of candidates that we have fully registered and can provide a back story to. We are not afraid of asking those difficult questions to ensure that our match is right, first time.

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Rapid delivery

Typically, you should receive candidates for interview within 48 hours, sometimes within hours! We work to your own interview timelines and make every step of this process, easy.

We’ve got you

By taking that time to understand your requirements and what makes your company unique, we are able to promote your business in the very best way. This extra detail can often make the difference in situations where there is a shortage of skills and where competition for candidates is fierce which right now is paramount for a good Recruiter

Interview arrangements

We will take care of all of the interview arrangements. We will confirm times to you and the candidates you’d like to interview and send all the formal confirmations. We take time to feedback to our candidates individually so that our candidate pool can benefit from the constructive feedback given. We ensure that we spend time detailing your requirements so that everyone you meet has been well briefed prior to you seeing them.


The offer

We collate the feedback from every candidate you have met with. We will share this information with you and will consult with you to arrange the best course to secure the talent you’d like to join your business.

We become a dedicated follower

Our aim is for you to remain a partner for life, forming an honest and professional relationship. Wherever possible we like to visit you or meet you virtually and establish how you like to work with your Recruitment Partners. Having this chance to see your premises and working environment gives us the confidence to really engage with your company ethos and demonstrate the reasons why you should attract the best talent!