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Fees & Rebates

Job Seekers

Completely transparent terms

Looking for a new FTE?

Our fee structure is completely transparent and we will always calculate our fee based on the candidates basic salary only. We work for free up until a new FTE is placed permanently with you. The invoice will be raised on their first day and you will have 2 weeks to pay the invoice.

We offer a heavily discounted fee to all new and existing clients that provide us with a period of five working days to deliver on their vacancies first. During that period we will provide you with a range of high quality candidates to consider. Over 80 percent of our customers choose to use our services on this basis as they receive a highly competitive fee alongside a commitment to securing the best talent.

Heads up! - 12.5%

Want to give us one weeks’ heads up? We will thank you by working to a heavily reduced fee of 12.5%. We will ensure that you have well matched and credible candidates to consider within this period. A large number of our customers like to work with us on the “Heads Up” structure as not only do they receive a preferred fee but they also get our 100% commitment to securing the best talent.

In Line! – 15%

If you are already working with another Recruiter or you would like to involve another agency – we will work to an introductory fee of 15%. We have a strong track record of delivering against vacancies that other agencies are having difficulty with. We will recruit the role alongside your other chosen Recruiters.

We protect you!

Should someone we place leave your company within the first 10 weeks of employment, we will ensure that you are covered by a sliding scale rebate structure. We can provide this in full upon request. We’ve got you covered.


If your requirement is for a temporary member of staff and you are looking for interim recruitment specialist to help you find cover for maternity, long term sickness, a staff shortfall or secondments, our structured agency margins are competitive and fair.

We look forward to hearing from you

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