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In 2011, Cara High was a successful Director for another recruiter in the area. After 10 years in the business and being largely responsible for the growth of their flagship office, Cara decided that after the birth of her 2nd Daughter she needed to find a better work / life balance. She set about looking into opening her own Consultancy where her natural recruitment ability could shine through rather than being bogged down by targets and KPIs.
After a big deep breath and a large glass of Pinot Grigio, Layka Recruitment was born!

As one of the reasons for launching the business was to spend more time with her girls, Cara thought it important to give their names a mention. Layla and Katie soon became Layka Recruitment!

That was it, she was all set.Laptop & Mobile phoneA laptop, a mobile phone and 12 years experience of recruiting in this area.

After a few years of successfully placing a high number of candidates, business started to grow and she felt that help was needed.

A chance meeting with a new friend turned into a very positive outcome! Sally joined Layka Recruitment over 5 years ago as the “go to” person for our loyal and credible candidates. In 2019 after a few years of working from our kitchen tables the business went through another growth period and a decision to move into Monkey Puzzle House, Sunbury was made and they finally would have a base where they could really concentrate on the growth of this exceptional small business.

Layka Recruitment was flying high and then the Pandemic hit. Now, having to work from home and managing home schooling was the priority for months ahead. Juggling the needs of everyone at the time did not stop Layka Recruitment going above and beyond to support and guide their many candidates, some of who were very frightened and extremely low. The reviews they received throughout this very stressful time is something they are very proud of to this day.

Turning to Zoom to register, support and care for their candidates, Layka Recruitment still managed to get 5 star reviews from their loyal job seekers with their positive approach. 

Fast forward to June 2021 and through hard work and perseverance, the Layka Ladies have attracted so much new business, the time came to grow again with an additional member of the team! They welcomed Amie in April this year and she has already made a great impact to the business ensuring that their standards of communication through client and candidate will remain exemplary!

An exciting move into a larger suite of offices in the same building will allow Layka Recruitment to continue their growth and they can now facilitate a private meeting room area for candidates and clients to feel comfortable and at ease when popping in for a catch up!

Layka Recruitment continues to have the well being of their candidates and clients at the core of everything they do which is why they receive awesome feedback on a regular basis.

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